Hazard Perception Test

Once you have done the first part (the multiple choice questions) of the Theory Test, the multiple choice questions, you will next perform the Hazard Perception Test.

I will teach you the importance and techniques of Hazard Perception throughout our learning time together, so this test will become almost second nature to you.

The Hazard Perception Test works like this; you will be shown 14 video clips from a driver’s point of view, during which you have to click on a mouse when you think there to be a developing hazard.

To pass the Hazard Perception Test you need to score 44 out of 75 points. Yes, 75 points – one of the video clips will feature TWO developing hazards!

I recommend the following learning materials to help you pass the Hazard Perception Test:

Once you’ve passed the full Driving Theory Test (which I’m sure you will!) we can then move on to the Practical Driving Test

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