Driving lessons Hertfordshire

I offer some of the best prices for driving lessons in Hertfordshire, making my teaching excellent value for money. Priority Driving School Herts

Driving Lesson Prices.

  • Single hour £30
  • 9 hours block booking £250
  • 3 hours block booking £85
  • Motorway Training (2 hours) £60
  • Pass Plus course (6 hours) £190
  • Driving Test car hire (1 hour lesson before test) £80

Plus, if you refer a friend to me for lessons, I will give you one lesson for FREE!

My Driving Lessons are tailored to your specific learning needs, giving extra attention to any areas you feel you need further guidance on. The lessons are all scheduled around YOUR availability and lifestyle, evenings and weekends are not a problem!

During your lessons you will learn ALL the key aspects of driving a motor vehicle confidently and safely whilst using very good anticipation skills including planning ahead for developing hazards. You will learn all about the car itself, and then in the practical driving sessions we will go over all the possible maneuvers, thought processes, techniques, different driving environments and conditions, to really make YOU the best safest driver you can be.

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